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Your vision, Your future, Just one app.

Sketching your ideas and vision into apps maintaining the quality and using creativity at our best.

Runs fast, Costs less, Never breaks.

Cost-effective, speed efficient, and bug-free apps to enhance user experience and actualize front-end processes with effective convergence.

Ahmed Apps lets you do everythingOUR SERVICES


One of our main service, that we are proud of, is that we not only develop websites but we develop them with a theme.


Do you wish to make your business unique and stand out among your competitors? In today’s digital age, only a professional digital.


We are using the latest technology that facebook and google themselves use to develop high end use friendly applications.

About Us

Ahmad Apps is a web design and development company based on Winnipeg MB Canada, which was founded by Hassan Ahmed who had years of freelance web design, development and error fixing experience. It wasn’t funded by investors and had big offices rather it started in just a small room with 2 roommates who had a vision of helping people get their business profile online in the best way possible keeping in mind that there are people who have small businesses as well and there are people who are new to their business with little money on hand.

Think Outside the Box

Since our journey started in 2013, we have tried our best to remain true to our promises always in delivering service to all our clients within the stipulated time. Apart from offering end-to-end digital marketing solutions, we also focus on web application services and also website design and development processes that are often required for effective online marketing of the product.

Think of website maintenance like car maintenanceWhy Do I Need Maintainance?

Longer Run

When you buy a car, you plan to maintain it, right? Of course you do. After all, you paid a pretty penny for the car – so you want it to run smoothly for thousands of miles down the road.

Break Down

What happens to new cars – they get old. Tires go flat, brake pads wear down, and water pumps break. Cars break down just as websites break down. Regular maintenance keeps them running like new.

Piece Of Mind

Drivers get peace of mind from a car insurance policy. Website owners get the same peace of mind from security updates. The frequent security updates of a website maintenance program help keep hackers away.

Virtual Reality

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity.

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Why people love Ahmed Apps Great user reviews

Great web designer and developer!

Ahmed Apps is a great web designer. Not only are they friendly and professional but they offer their services and a reasonable price. Too often I have come across web designers that cause you to bleed money. Not Ahmed Apps. They are friendly professional and will make sure your website is done right!

Jesse Reitberger

Highly recommend mobile app developers

We needed an app for Smarttrucktrainingacademy and ahmed apps helped us build an ios and andriod app along with a web application that helped us manage our day to day classes and schedule. Highly recommend great people to work with.

Smart Truck Training Academy

Think in new dimensionHow Ahmed Apps work?
Ahmed Apps is on an endless quest to develop a connection for building brands that are truly connected locally and globally. Backed by revolutionary thinking, result driven innovation & affordable pricing, we are indeed the one-stop-shop for all your web & marketing needs.
Our vision is to help clients strengthen their business with a variety of services including design, development, analytics and business intelligence, integration, monitoring, maintenance, and round the clock support to their IT infrastructure. Our long years of experience in Website Design & development , Mobile applications and Social media and Search Engine Marketing give your business the edge it deserves.

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    Ahmad Apps is a web design and development company based on Winnipeg MB Canada, which was founded by Hassan Ahmed who had years of freelance web design, development and error fixing experience.

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