Future of Professions

It’s all about things being done for you. Think of machines and robots as an alternative to slaves, as humans we want things done for us without having us doing the least bit of effort.

Take for instance, I don’t like to go and pay my parking, not even open the app and add the info and pay, technology should do it for me and just take money from my account for the time I parked at a spot.

There are people who come and check every car with whatever app or technology whether a car has valid parking or not at a spot, this should also be taken care by tech, the same system can replace these guys who come and check for valid parkings in any place.

Automation will optimize systems and increase performance, while it takes away jobs from people. Any field in future will require coding as a must skill, imagine a teacher’s app coded by teachers, a medical app coded by doctors, a singing app coded by singers…:the list does not end, the end products by these professionals would be closer to the needs and wants of the users of those applications or products.

Our future must meet this need (ability to design & code) otherwise we will have a mob of people against technology with no jobs and they wont be able to undo what technology had taken over. We must up bring our kids with skills of coding and designing alongside with any profession they desire to seek if we want a good future for them.





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